How do you motivate non-financial teams in a crisis situation? 10 motivational messages for the team

The whole world situation associated with the epidemic is related to the new coronavirus, which leads to a change in the dynamics of work and implies the production of large-scale “experiments”: working from home. In this case, to deal with the situation, analysts believe that if employees want to give in in to “more peaceful” times, they should be motivated.

Often, however, those who run the company believe that motivating employees requires avoiding costs, but there are many ways to motivate employees, not just financial incentives.

Employees’ level of motivation affects their outcomes and productivity. Motivated employees are tasteless and lack energy, while highly motivated employees exhibit passionate behavior and focus on action. The role of motivation is not limited to making people work, but rather leads them to work well, which involves making full use of the material and intellectual resources available to people.

In the current context of social isolation and distance that increasingly affect an employee’s mind, it is important to consider measures related to employee motivation:

1. Support employee collaboration

When you’re working on a project on your own, you can run out of energy multiple times, but in a project where everyone provides feedback, there’s another dynamic that makes it easier for things to move forward because of multiple perspectives, and each contributor sees the impact of personal contributions. In this case, the focus should be on the end result and good cooperation among members, not on individual contributions and differences.

2. Provide constructive feedback

As a manager, as a team leader, you need to contact employees to give them feedback, ask if they have difficulty, and whether the applications provided are running at normal parameters, taking into account the type of characteristics of each application. Some extrodes feel they are better at talking about what they do than the average person, and then you have to act as a listener, but there are also introcisive people who don’t want to express themselves as often as the rest of the team.

It is also important for employees to understand the value of their work in the company, and that more work can make a difference at a higher level. Also consider that their work must be consistent with their values. Always provide constructive feedback and map customized directions and plans.

3. Creating development opportunities

Training, personal development classes, and even gym subscriptions all make employees feel like they’re not stuck and trying to improve their feelings. Especially for Millennials, personal growth is just as important as financial returns.

How to motivate non-financial teams in a crisis situation

Continue to develop the organizational culture

The company is not only the boss, but also means how all employees contribute to a variety of work environments on a daily day, from working with customers to relationships and collaborating in crisis situations. The way you manage such situations can fundamentally enhance team spirit or organizational culture.

Avoid management patterns that don’t work for your company. Show flexibility, understanding and adaptation to the new climate. Take the necessary steps to eliminate cumbersome processes and address new “digital” thinking that is appropriate for the current era.

5. Increased security

Even if we’re not talking about cash compensation, if an employee knows the job is safe, he’ll feel more motivated to work efficiently, giving him the opportunity to pay wages or rent where he lives. Employees must feel valued and secure at work, even if these things don’t translate into financial bonuses or health insurance. This strengthens your ability to motivate your employees and will certainly increase their loyalty and respect.

Experts say that if people’s behavior in the workplace arouses their interest, gives them a certain status, and in the end, but not least, if they feel appreciated and have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally, they tend to be more motivated.

Motivational information about team success

  1. Make three correct predictions in a row and you’ll be considered an expert. Murphy’s Law
  2. The only way to achieve good things is to love what you do. Steve Jobs
  3. Many people who fail in life are those who give up without realizing how close they are to success. Thomas edison
  4. Learn to understand first, then understand. Becca Lewis Allen
  5. This is a sign that an educated mind can cultivate an idea without accepting it. Aristotle
  6. Don’t give up that you don’t know what to do, but that you know what to do. John Wood
  7. If a man wakes up in the morning and goes back to sleep at night, he will only do what he wants to do, and he will succeed. Bob dylan
  8. No matter how beautiful the strategy, we should look at the results from time to time. Winston churchill
  9. You don’t have to do extraordinary things to get good grades. Warren Buffett
  10. Make heartfelt decisions, use your head to make those decisions. Sir Gillard

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