Do you think you know your employees? 6 toxic employee types

Toxic employees completely. A complex theme and the effects they produce. Toxic employees have harmful effects on the work environment. If you don’t do anything, toxic employees can quickly destroy the company’s culture. The question is how to properly identify toxic employees and what you can do to take the right steps that no one will suffer.

There are several types of toxic employees who take action in several ways: they prevent others from doing their jobs, they are lazy or vice versa, they overwork, they are unreliable people, they lie and speak badly, they lose motivation forever, they are very competitive, they undermine the success of others, they are gossip, they dissipate false information.

What exactly do toxic employees mean?

As mentioned above, there is not one type of toxic employee, but several types. The only thing all toxic employees have in common is that they suck up the energy of the people around them, negatively affecting workplace performance and productivity.

Of course, every employee has certain personality traits, including less positive ones, but that doesn’t mean he’s a toxic employee. Experts believe that there are several types of toxic employees and we have stopped 6 types.

So here are 6 types of toxic employees, and what are the features that can tell you if you have such a person in your company:

1. Lazy employees

Lazy employees are clearly toxic employees that companies want because their poor performance can be detrimental to workflow and hinder the productivity of others. As a result, all employees who rely on this lazy employee to do their jobs are affected. Worse, if the employee were the company’s leader, the results could be disastrous.

2. Employees you cannot rely on

The employee you can’t rely on is the one who gives you emotions every time because you don’t know if he can get the job done. This person has many negative personality traits, such as helplessness, passivity, confusion, and resistance to change. This type of employee may not be in the right place, or just doesn’t like what he’s doing – in any case, it lowers the morale of the company and confuses everyone. If you don’t want to lose it because there are certain advantages, try to find a convenient solution for all involved.

Do you think you know your employees? 6 toxic employee types

3. Employee “victims”

As in everyday life, victims in the office often complain about something and find everything too difficult and tasked with exceeding it. Such a person thinks he works much longer than others, never misses an opportunity to complain, and believes that she is the only one who has ever sat in the company. As the name says, this type of employee can hurt himself by doing or disturbing other people’s small things and draw attention to his high workload.

4. Employees – Martyrs

The martyr in the office is an employee who keeps working, not because he wants or because he has to work, but because he needs the purpose of life. Although the man always complains and talks about the stress of work, he can’t change anything. Because he doesn’t know his limits, he often reaches the stage of job burnout. Martyr employees come to work even when they are sick and never take time off, which put negative pressure on other employees.

5. “Super” social employees

The office is an employee who always organizes social events and brings everyone together inside and outside the office. Clearly there is nothing wrong with this, which ultimately distracts other employees. Often, extrodes talk from department to department about weekend plans or other things that have nothing to do with work. Although they have a very good influence on the people around them, they are not necessarily conducive to productive work. They may also lack concentration and often make plays in the workplace because they are always involved in a variety of situations.

Do you think you know your employees? 6 toxic employee types

6. Employees of the aggressors

Although bullying is spoken of in schools and children, the same phenomenon is common in adults, especially in the workplace. Experts say the phenomenon can exist in any type of community or group, including the workplace, although it is hidden under several “masks.” It manifests itself as intimidation, satire, harassment, humiliating jokes or verbal attacks. This type of toxic employee is harassing co-workers and using the same strategy to pass on children.

This person is always in the workplace gossip, spreading rumors about other employees, and starting to clash. They are the kind of people who challenge and ignore corporate ethics policies and agreements, but spend time manipulating and destroying colleagues. This type of toxic employee creates a completely hostile work environment for everyone, and most certainly, if radicalized, is excluded from the team.

When you find such an employee at the company, you take a big step forward, but the truth is that the challenges you face are considerable. It’s time to look at each member of the team very objectively and fairly and have a discussion with each member. Maybe not everyone is fit to stay on your team. Therefore, it is important to make a decision: Who do you take on the trip?

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