5 basic tips for online meetings that are as effective as the office

Although organizing mobile meetings is easier to implement and use, professionals say it’s not a good idea. It’s a good idea to use your laptop or computer to perform online sessions, take notes easily, and have stable, high-quality images.

The best tips for holding online meetings are as effective as the offices we’ve discussed in this article, and how to stay in touch with your team remotely.

With more and more employees now working from home, online dating has never been more important to the success of your business because of the social alienation measures needed to prevent coronavirus. However, conducting efficient and efficient online meetings is often better than organizing Meeting Due to the technology involved, the distance between the participants and the tendency to lose focus as the meeting continues.

So here are 10 tips that will help you run a successful online session:

1. Choose the right tool

As mentioned above, the use of a laptop is desirable and not conducive to mobile phones for image quality-related reasons. In addition, the applications you use to view yourself online are critical to holding meetings as efficiently as possible. Some apps allow only some participants to join, screen sharing is not allowed, while others allow hundreds of people to connect to the same meeting and view the desktop.

For example, you can use Skype It allows video calls, audio calls, written messaging, and file transfers. It can be used from Android and iOS phones, Windows devices, but also from browsers. Also Scaling Considered a good choice for professional applications because it helps you organize video and audio conferences, send written messages, and organize webinars. Be sure to search for all available apps to make the best choice for your business.

But don’t forget to test the technology with one or two participants before you have your first online meeting with all the participants to see how it all works.

Preparation of meetings for participants

The word “agenda” comes from Latin and means “things to be done”. The existence of the agenda must provide all participants in the Conference with a clear understanding of the purpose of the Conference. Before you go into the details, make sure everyone knows what you’re talking about, because otherwise you’ll waste time explaining.

5 basic tips for online meetings that are as effective as the office

Ensuring that all participants have access to the meeting schedule means:

  • Train participants to use the software used (Not everyone has technical knowledge, and some people may need a lot of time and instructions for the software to install and function properly(t)
  • Distribution of information to be discussed during the meeting (It is recommended that the meeting be sent by e-mail with important discussion points. The agenda should be developed and handed over to participants 1-2 days before the meeting.;

3. Prepare a short presentation

A brief introduction to the topic of discussion in an online meeting should not be very different from a face-to-face presentation with everyone in the room. Start with a welcome word, perhaps a joke to relax, and then continue with the project presentation. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to adapt to the new dating environment.

It’s also important to understand the structure of your online meetings so you can keep everything organized and discuss in the right direction. All of this is prepared in advance, otherwise there will be a lot of downtime.

4. Stay focused

The most effective nte meeting is the status of an implementation or task that has clear goals and discussions focused on a clear topic, such as an ongoing project. Researchers say a clear goal can help you shorten a meeting by 17 minutes because attention will be focused on your suggestions and therefore no more time is wasted by assumptions.

5 basic tips for online meetings that are as effective as the office

Focus on one or two themes, but if you need to cover more issues, then give people time to take a break to go to the bathroom or have a cup of coffee.

5. Keep the “label”

Even if we’re talking about meeting at home, try to keep the label of a business work environment in a less professional setting. Sit at your desk and wear appropriate clothing to avoid eating during these meetings.

In addition, phone or e-mail interference is not desirable even if you are not the person coordinating the discussion, as you must listen carefully to the discussion so that you do not return with redundant questions in the future.

Meetings are an essential part of today’s activities, but often do not yield concrete results. If you want to get out of this vicious circle and avoid wasting time and unnecessarily interrupting your workflow, learn to organize effective meetings. Keep in mind that some companies choose to intentionally change the meeting location they schedule, or even plan outdoor meetings, coffee, or in a friendlier space, because all of these things help increase creativity.

So even if working sessions are now done online, this shouldn’t get in the way of you, on the contrary, it’s said to relax people if they are more efficient and productive in their environment, so this strategy can even represent the strengths of the entire company.

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